New Commercial Lighting Products in our Product Range

299 Lighting have been supplying lighting solutions for commercial projects for over 15 years now.

In the early 2000's, we might have been one of the first lighting suppliers who spotted the new trend in linear lighting. And soon enough, the black suspended linear lights started appearing in the modern office fit out. This was a very refreshing change from the Cat 2 louvers, downlights with glass optic covers and the latest, led panels. We have always been very specific about the look and feel of our product range. And so, within a few years, our business became a synonym for linear profiles, geometric lights and halo lighting.

In the post covid world, as the line between home and office blurs, and the role of the office is having to redefine itself, lights for office are changing, too. Interior designers are looking for new type of lighting to enhance the office space. They are looking for shapes, textures and colours that are reminding us of our homes.

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So what is the best office lighting right now?


It's the one that combines great design with good quality light (think high colour rendering index and low glare), energy savings and control.

To reflect the shift in specifying, we teamed up with renowned lighting manufacturers - LedsC4, and Nexia, adding more decorative style commercial lighting fixtures to our product offer. We also forged a new partnership with Chiara Lighting and made our offer on recessed spotlights even stronger. Our range has also been enriched by the addition of the premium quality architectural lighting from Neko.

With all these brands to choose from, specifiers and designers will enjoy the variety of luminaires we are able to offer. Lighting designers will find all supporting documents and LDT files to make lighting calculation a breeze. And contractors will like the fast deliveries on some of the light fittings.


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What can Ledsc4 offer to your lighting scheme?


The global manufacturer Ledsc4 offer a wide range of technical luminaires for all types of commercial ceilings. We like using them for their commercial pendant lighting, like the popular Circular Suspended, hanging feature lights like our recent addition Attic, or playful office pendant lights Candle. Thanks to fast delivery times, their led track lighting is a popular choice for specification and design and build projects. Ledsc4 have also invested a lot into R&D, making sure, their luminaires are not only attractive, but also tick all all the boxes in terms of lighting standards.


circular thumbnailsuper attic LedC4Candleluno slim suspended



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What can Nexia lighting offer for your project?


Most of Nexia's luminaires have been designed by the Nahtrang Design studio. They are unique, innovative and eye catching. Nexia is renowned for their modern suspended ceiling lights and decorative pendants. Many of them also offer acoustic features, like the Mobile 600 or Mobile 1200 or the Tires. The linear pendant light with a ripple effect, the Dune, is a popular linear fitting for modern working space. To keep the design consistent, Nexia also offers a linear wall light version of the fitting.

If you after unique looking commercial lighting, Nexia has plenty to offer. The circular suspended led lights Aros can be used as a single, double or tripple ring fitting. There is a also room for customisation and the short lead times are an attractive proposition for design and build projects.


Tires Suspended LightDune Suspended LightingAros Wall LightMobile Suspended Acoustic Light



Chiara Downlights


Chiara brings attractive LED downlights to the table.


Our range of recessed downlights has been enhanced with the surface mounted downlights from Chiara lighting. The main characteristic of this product range is a great design. Chiara has selection of square recessed downlights, double downlights, modern recessed spotlights, all in contemporary colours like black, bronze and gold.

Designed and assembled in the UK, the Chiara downlights are available on fast delivery, with some products ready be shipped in as little as two weeks.


Chiara arch pro haloChiara arch pro snoot 2Chiara arch pro small round adjustable 2Chiara arch pro square double 2





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