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A legal requirement in commercial buildings for events of a power failure, emergency lighting allows a safe movement of people along exit routes to a place of safety.

Safe evacuation depends on the illumination and ability to see hazards, changes of level and direction, in case that the main lighting fails. There is a whole section on Emergency lighting regulations, and most importantly, the BS 5266 - UK Code of Practice for the Emergency lighting of premises in our Knowledge Hub. Not only you will find all necessary details on current UK guidelines, regulations and emergency lighting requirements for offices, but also details like the responsible person or design procedure.

At 299, we have been providing emergency lighting design and supplying emergency lighting systems as part of our service since the start of the business. And now, we listed the most popular types of emergency lighting products on our website.

You will find the most common fittings required for commercial properties like bulkhead emergency lighting, emergency lighting spotlights and emergency exit signs. Carefully selected, they are all made in the UK, compliant with British standard and supported with data sheets. All of our products are also supported with LDT files, spacing information and options for testing.

flow exit sign wall technical drawing-1


How did we select the range of our emergency lights? 


Over the years, we have tried and tested many emergency lighting fittings, from various UK manufacturers. We selected the products in our range for their attractive look, low failure rates and reliability. Our top priorities were:

  • quality of the components

  • quality of the batteries

  • the quality of the converter module, especially if it is a self test or DALI-2, as all the power goes through the converter

  • rigorous testing- all of our products are fully tested for polarity and functionality 100% twice before they leave the manufacturing facilities which is the reason we have such a low failure rate

  • impressive 4 year warranty both on the battery and the module


The products in our range include:

3 emergency lighting bulkheads

3 standalone (surface mounted, recessed, wall and suspended) fittings

2 track mounted emergency lights

1 exit sign (running man emergency light)


The products listed on our website are standalone emergency lighting products, but the same applies for the emergency lighting conversions, e.g. integrated emergencies. All conversions are carried out in the UK by a fully professionally trained engineering team. When delivered to site, the emergency light fittings are clearly marked, so your installation team don't waste any time.


eam thumbnail squareflow suspended thumbnail squareEddy surface square thumbnail square

(Left to right) Eam Emergency Bulkhead Light  //  Flow Emergency Exit Sign  //  Eddy Square Surface Mounted Emergency Light


Why choose the emergency light products from 299 Lighting?


We have successfully delivered over 2000 commercial projects, mostly large scale CAT A fitout projects. The vast majority of our projects would include emergency lighting. As an experienced lighting supplier, we know what our clients value. All our products have:

  • photometric data

  • data sheets

  • info on emergency lighting batteries

  • spacing details

With two of our lighting designers ICEL qualified, we can carry out the emergency lighting design and ensure that your emergency lighting installation will be carried out correctly.


Elman - Lighting Expert   Rob 5 Elman Lewis, Project Director (left) and Robert Lees, Project Manager (right).



How does emergency lighting work?


When it comes to the design process, most of the time, we will receive an indicative layout from the project team. We will check and review the plan to ensure it complies with the regulations and carry out the emergency lighting design. Other times, we would be approached with a risk assessment and tasked to carry out the emergency lighting survey.

Before commencing the design of the system, full plans of the building layout should be available.

They must include:

  • proposed escape routes

  • fire alarm call points

  • fire fighting equipment

  • open areas

  • high risk task areas


For more detailed requirements on the emergency lighting design procedure in relation to the lighting regulations, please click here.

After the completion of the lighting design stage, we will manage the whole process of emergency lighting conversions for the luminaires with integrated emergency modules. Our team will ensure that conversion kits are incorporated correctly in accordance with ISO and British Standard (BS). The fittings will be tested and clearly labelled before they arrive on site.



Maintained or non maintained?


Maintained emergency lighting is on all the time and uses more power. The benefit of using the maintained fittings is that they work as a normal luminaire, too.

The large majority of the products we use in our projects is non maintained emergency lighting. As they only come on when needed, they consume a lot less energy and are a preferred option in office buildings. These luminaires can be only used as emergency lighting.

You will find both options in our emergency lighting product range, to give you plenty of options.



illuminated emergency sign-1

We are the Light Engineers.

Working alongside architects, consultants, and contractors we would make sure that the best lighting solution will be put together for each individual project. We have worked on countless projects, ensuring emergency lighting meets regulations and stays within budget.





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