With the growing expectations on sustainability, there is a need to assess the embodied carbon linked to mechanical, electrical and public health systems. To acknowledge the gap in capturing the embodied carbon data, CIBSE launched the TM65 calculation methodology in January 2021 - encouraging more sustainable lighting and other products in MEP.

Embodied and Operational Carbon
Sustainable Lighting

The whole life of an asset.

TM65 is a method of calculating the embodied carbon of a product. This accounts for the energy consumption throughout the lifecycle of the product, including extraction of materials, manufacture, repair, disassembly and disposal.

The resulting figure is the product's CO2e in kg - which quantifies the effect of the product on global warming.

We offer TM65 reports for our entire product range, so you can work with sustainability in mind.

CIBSE TM65 Lighting Product Lifecycle
Reducing Carbon Emissions in Construction

The focus is shifting.

The construction industry needs to reduce emissions almost by 80% by 2030 and become Net Zero by 2050, so it's important to be aware of the impact of certain materials.

Up until recently, the industry focused on operational carbon emissions. However, 11% of global CO2 emissions come from embodied carbon in the construction industry-  the majority of which is from material manufacture.

Materials commonly used to produce luminaires, like metal, plastic, or aluminium require high energy in their production. The high emissions connected with sourcing the material need to be acknowledged in the project lifecycle and calculations, so we can build more sustainably.


Less is more.

Specifying products with a lower weight means less materials, and lower emissions from transport.

Think circular.

Look for products that can be reused or recycled in the future, or that can be repaired.


Lighting is Category 2, requiring mid-level calculations which covers section A and B of the product lifecycle.

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