Talla Wall


The architectural wall lighting Talla uses the idea of basic geometrical shapes and timeless appearance to produce a luminaire which delivers simplicity at its best. Variation in sizes, multiple colour choices and the selection of dimming options means the Talla can add a personality to any space.

The option of an opal diffuser gives a clean and contemporary look, with the evenly distributed light enhancing the details of a building’s architecture. Design is not its only strength.

With the use of the latest LED technology, the Talla can also give an efficiency boost to forward looking projects. Ideal for a wide range of commercial environments, from offices to health care areas or even retail lighting.

The TALLA can be specified with CASAMBI and Philips EasyAir to increase user control.

Light Source Information

· Wall mounted
· Direct or Direct/Indirect
.Outputs available from 15W / 1,820lm up to 165W / 21,417lm
· Colour Temperature 3000K | 4000K | TW* (2700K - 6500K)
· Efficiency of up to 125lm/W
· Internal Drivers supplied
· L80B20, Life-time of 50,000 hrs

· Part L compliant


· Extruded & formed aluminium profile
· IP20 rated
· Available in 300, 430mm, 650mm, 900mm and 1100mm
· Three-wire suspension kit included
· White, Black and Silver powder-coating. Custom RAL available on request


· Opal Diffuser · Microprismatic Diffuser


· Non-dimmable as standard
· DALI available on request

Integrated Controls (on request)

·  CASAMBI · Philips EasyAir



· 3hr Emergency available on request
· 2 year warranty

299 Lighting reserve the right to change the specification of any product without notice or pubic announcement.

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Special Characteristics


Universal and timeless

Talla Wall has been used across a very wide range of 299 projects, it’s timeless appearance makes it suitable for many designs.


Great efficiency

Design is not its only strength. With the use of the latest LED technology, the Talla can also give an efficiency boost to forward looking projects.


Size range from 300mm to 1100mm

Available in 300mm, 450mm, 650mm, 900mm and 1100mm. The Talla is a versatile product to fit your project design well.


PIR Sensor*

This sensor is used to detect motion when a person moves within the detection zone. PIR sensors are used for applications such as automatically switching lights on and off, based on the occupancy of a room, which in turn allows for energy savings.

Sensor is not available with the small size.

*optional extra


Wireless control.

All mounting styles of Talla can be easily upgraded with CASAMBI or Philips EasyAir controls, allowing faster and easier installation and commissioning. Putting the user in charge, wireless controls are a serious proposition for workplace future-proofing with increased energy saving and wellbeing.

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