First Light Cycle Studio, Westfield.

Project Summary:

Location: Westfield, London
Sector: Sports and leisure
Interior Design: zynk Design
Fit Out: Createability
Electrical Contractor: Teame Electrical
Value: £38K
Duration: 5 months
Size: 17,600 sq. ft
Photography: zynk Design

With the design concept completely focused on creating an empowering experience, the new exercise studio FIRSTLIGHT is no ordinary studio. The new indoor cycle gym features 17,600 sq. ft of contemporary space designed to the last detail, all in a bid to create a space like no other. Bursting with energy from the moment you step in and true to the brand claim- awakening your senses. 

Gym Linear Lighting
Gym Lighting Design


Situated next door to John Lewis, the Firstlight cycle studio boasts a prime location in Westfield London. The large windows invite the visitors to soak up the unique atmosphere and be inspired to give their best on the bike.

Harnessing the power of sunlight and its invigorating benefits on the human body, FIRSTLIGHT is a unique exercise studio created by the celebrity personal trainer Mark Anthony. The boutique indoor cycling concept is located in Westfield London and features cycle workouts in light adjusted rooms to heighten the senses of participants. 

The bold scheme designed by interior and architecture design firm zynk translates the essence of the FIRSTLIGHT brand into a contemporary interior, using an industrial style colour palette and materials such as concrete, mesh and timber.  

Gym Lighting Design
Linear Gym Lighting
Gym Lighting Ideas


Enhancing the concept, the minimalist architectural lighting sets the perfect stage for the unique experience in the actual cycling studios. Meticulously designed, the lighting creates drama, anticipation and definitely pumps us the endorphins of the participants before they enter the class. Using design details like the black finish of the luminaires against a black background of the exposed ceilings and keeping the colour palette very focused, the designers at zynk brought the whole brand concept alive.

Cool Gym Lighting

The complex linear feature lighting running across the circulation space was designed by zynk. It represents the dynamic nature of the brand and it is strategically designed to produce lighting where needed. The complex system features both horizontal and vertical custom corners.

Thanks to our reputation on previous projects, we have been trusted to turn the ambitious lighting scheme into a reality. 

We worked closely with the designers at zynk, who approached us in October 2017. The ambitious design of the linear lighting system required the team at 299 to work closely together- the lighting designers consulted the technical team and communicated back to the client. The biggest challenge of this project was to create several lighting systems with both horizontal and vertical custom corner sections and connect it all together, seamlessly. After numerous revisions, we delivered the final concept to the client. The complexity of the project required 80 lighting design hours.

To match the specification in the design brief calling for a contemporary looking linear profile with great performance and efficiency capable of custom corners, the designer’s favourite Rio Suspended was specified in matte black finish across the entire scheme (excluding the cycle studios). 

The Rio enhances the industrial style interior design with exposed soffits and provides comfortable lighting.

Commercial gym lights

Guiding through the space

The bold interior design uses the architectural lighting to guide visitors through the space, creating anticipation. Two bespoke linear systems were used in the staircase area leading into the reception and juice bar. The shorter system, at 7.8m length, is surface mounted going up and suspended in the mesh ceilings once it reaches the mesh surface. 

The long linear system at 32.5m length boasts several tight angles and a credit to the Rio’s flexibility, it joins perfectly with no light leakage. 

The system was supplied in sections using plug & play, all labelled up for easier installation. Additional single luminaires were installed to complete the visual reference to the FIRSTLIGHT logo.

Creative locker room lighting
Gym lighting

All lighting was supplied in a contemporary matte black finish to match the bold interior design scheme, in time for the studio opening in September 2018. 

The result is a bold contemporary space with an energising look and feel. Guiding through the space and creating an illusion of a continuous line, the architectural lighting plays a vital part in the interior design concept, whilst reflecting the client’s brand and their unique position in the market.

Project in figures:

80 Design Hours

Our Lighting Design team spent over 80 design hours on this complex linear system.

60 Metres

60 metres of bespoke linear architectural lighting was used across the common areas.

9 Corners

A total of 9 completely unique corners feature in the linear system.

Do you have a complex lighting system in mind?

We can turn your idea into a reality! Contact us about your project today.

Do you have a complex lighting system in mind?

We can turn your idea into a reality! Contact us about your project today.