10 Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Lighting Designer

Specifying lighting for a commercial development or office fit-out is a complex subject. Nobody ever starts designing a building with lighting as the first element. Lighting develops throughout the design process, as the main structure, fabric, and essence of the building slot into a place. Architects come up with the concept and the aesthetics of the building. Consultants make sure all services work to a high standard. Contractors bring the building to life. But how do we communicate the value a commercial lighting designer can add to a commercial project?

1. We are an extension of your team.

Our lighting engineers put the entire lighting scheme together whilst your design team can focus on the bigger picture. We work well with the architect's design brief but are equally happy to help to build the design concept with your team. We appreciate good design and really care about the look and feel of the products we select. Using the lighting design software DiaLUX day in-day out, we have become experts in producing lighting design and calculations. When deadlines are short, we would produce simple calculations, equally, on large and complex schemes, lighting design work can take up hundreds of design hours. This is the work we are prepared to put into supporting your project.

2. We make you look great in front of your client.

We prepare all calculations, lighting plans, and lighting schedules for your project, so you can issue reflected ceiling plans and use all the information in your client’s meeting. If you need samples for your client meetings, we will organize those, too. We can also take part in client meetings to give them reassurance that the complex lighting systems will work and can also demonstrate how lighting can be fitted with wireless controls or sensors.

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3. You can use our office as a showroom.

Sometimes, clients can be a bit skeptical about being bold with architectural lighting or worried about using lighting controls. You can always bring your clients to our office and show them what good lighting looks like. We designed our office so it suits our team and at the same time, it offers a nice and friendly space for visitors to enjoy.

4. We can help you to make the right choices.

Sometimes you might have an aesthetic preference for a particular luminaire, but it may not be the best choice for your project. We can guide you through the selection process and suggest products that might not be listed in our product offering on our website. Try as hard as we may, the product offer is constantly evolving and we can’t always have all products listed online.

5. We give you the assurance that your creative concept is possible.

It’s your job as an architect, to come up with new creative ideas. Bring on zigzags, bespoke shapes of linear lighting, pendants suspended from great heights, or concealed feature lighting stretching across large spaces. The chances are that we have worked on something similar already and know what works.

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6. Achieving better use of light.

By looking at drawings and the initial layout of luminaires, we can help you establish the correct spacing of the fittings, their output, and size. Sometimes, small changes can make a huge difference. Swapping many short luminaires for fewer longer ones can give you better illumination, and better uniformity, and might be more cost-effective. Both in the price of the project and running cost.

7. Technology expertise.

Lighting and technologies to control lighting are developing at a rapid speed. Lighting suppliers are bringing new, more efficient, smarter, or more streamlined-looking products out every year. We keep on top of the industry development and latest technical releases so we can provide you with the best advice.

8. Tick the right compliance boxes.

Keeping on top of regulations and guidelines can be complex. You tell us what guidelines or standards you are working to and we will ensure that the lighting schemes we design meet all the current guidelines.

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9. Helping to establish a budget.

When you first create the design concept, you might need help establishing the budget. We will give you a rough ballpark figure for your concept. Depending on your client’s budget, we will help you to progress your concept project through the design stages and stay within the budget.

10. Confirmation of quality.

When working with established lighting design suppliers, who regularly work on large commercial schemes should give you the assurance that the products that we will put forward are going to be professional luminaires. We source our products carefully and only use luminaires that we can support down the line.

We like to think that lighting design suppliers like 299 are the bridge between the architect and their creative vision on one side, and the consultant and contractor on the other side. When working together as one team, lighting truly enhances the architecture of a building.

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