Beautiful Architectural Lighting Inspired by Geometry


The wait is finally over and we are launching the new Geometric range. Take a look and explore the products!

Square suspended light fittings for an office space.

Geometric shapes in interior design have been on trend for the past few years and in terms of using architectural lighting shaped like any geometric shape, it was always a case of going down the route of made to measure lighting systems. The growing popularity of the geometric shapes has inspired us to bring a new range of products in standard sizes, ready to be specified.




At the last Light+Building show in 2018, we observed that the basic geometric shapes like triangles, soft edge triangles, circles and rings were everywhere. With the contemporary architecture and interior design strongly referencing to geometry and the continuous progress in technology, the linear lighting profiles are now taking more exciting shapes. Our new Geometric range celebrates the beauty and simple principles of the mathematical discipline loved by the designers.

We are now offering a complete range of geometric shapes including complex shapes like hexagon and pentagon as part of our standard product range to make the specification process easier.

Triangular suspended light fittings.

There are some shapes like the X, Y and the boomerang shape, that are not strictly geometric shapes, but they evolved from doodling geometric shapes and we thought they would be a great addition to the traditional geometric shapes. Contemporary interior design is playful afterall.

Most of the products are available in two or three standard sizes with a further possibility of creating your own size or even a shape as part of a made to measure lighting offer.



The whole geometric range is based on the ultimate performance driven linear profile Rio, that has been tried and tested in hundreds if not thousands of our projects.

Want to check out the range in action? Head over to our project case study at Green Retreats to see how we used Geometric fittings to shape the space.

Circular suspended light fittings for showrooms.


Currently, we only feature the suspended version of the products with the surface mounted and recessed options. The product can be then specified with a choice of 5 different diffusers and further upgraded with a choice of wireless controls.

Bold and dynamic or elegant and subtle, the range currently features 7 different contemporary shapes evoking a whole range of visual statements and emotions. 

With the triangle, rectangle, hexagon and pentagon representing the traditional view on geometry and the new shapes like the boomerang, X or Y shape on the other playful side, the new Geometric range by 299 is a great inspiration for any design led workplace or architectural spaces.

Square suspended light fittings for offices, workshops, showrooms and architectural spaces.

Each product is supported by technical drawings and data sheets. We are currently working through photometric files and BIM files to make the product easier to specify. If you need these files and you can’t find them in the Member Zone, please contact the office.

Take a look and explore the range! 

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