Suspended Lighting - A Guide to Specification.


Suspended Lighting.


Floating in space, suspended lighting appears weightless and airy. Suspended light fittings present a creative, flexible and visually attractive approach to lighting and interior design in modern offices and architecture.


Modern ceiling lights offer a welcome change from the dull and dreary recessed flat panels and can be a very good indication about the quality of a fit out.

A well-designed scheme using suspended ceiling lights can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any commercial application. Commercial pendant light fittings are a great choice when lighting unusual shaped spaces such as vaulted ceilings or listed buildings that cannot be altered.


A bold visual statement.

Whether you are using slimline, medium size or wide profiles, suspended lighting can be used as single stand-alone units in a repetitive style or a cluster of ‘hanging lights’ at different angles creating a bold visual statement.


Part of the design scheme.

Large airy atriums and double storey reception areas are calling for cool ‘space fillers’. These are suspended architectural feature luminaries that strongly influence the look and feel of the scheme.


There are 3 ways how suspended LED lighting emits the light.


The most common light distribution is the “direct way”, this means directing the light beam on the desk surface. This can result in a dark ceiling, creating a ‘cave effect’ and natural light has to be taken into consideration.

As the technology progressed, the  direct/-indirect light distribution has become a standard and it is used in schemes looking to achieve LG7 compliance. It is seen as the most comfortable way of lighting a workplace- the light being directed on the desk surface and throwing light at the ceiling at the same time. Instantly resulting in an uplifting atmosphere, it’s a great way of lighting a working area, creating a comfortable atmosphere. It is proven, that good quality lighting solutions have a direct effect on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Some schemes can successfully use indirect lighting only. We worked on numerous schemes using indirect office lighting only. The devil is in the detail and a correct balance of natural light and artificial light has to be achieved.


Some schemes can successfully use indirect lighting only. The devil is in the detail and a correct balance of natural light and artificial light has to be achieved.


Whatever effect you are trying to achieve and whatever guidelines are you working to, when lighting a space, talk to experienced lighting designers first.


The high demand for flexible office space is making the suspended office lighting a popular choice when specifying commercial lighting and architectural lighting. Schemes using suspended direct/-indirect luminaires are not only LG7 compliant, but they are also visually attractive and offer comfortable working conditions. In the long term, this all adds up, offering a good return on investment and future proofing your property.

Pendant ceiling lights are a popular specification choice thanks to relatively simple installation,  especially in newbuild schemes using modern ceilings. The beauty of LED suspended ceiling lights though is that they can be used even with ceiling panels or ceiling grids in place.

Easy installation can reduce the cost of a fit out. Some of the suspended linear lighting come with a plug & play system and ready to install suspension kit as standard, making the installation process a breeze.


Bespoke solutions.

Contemporary ceiling lights often refer to basic geometrical shapes- circles, rings, continuous lines or geometrical shapes like triangles, hexagons and pentagons. Specified in large sizes and custom finishes, these are capable of becoming statement ceiling lights and turn into a feature. Explore our geometrical range here or talk to our team if you are interested in more of made to measure luminaries.


Suspended lighting lends itself perfectly to made to measure and bespoke solutions or used in clusters to create unique cluster pendant light.


Architectural suspended lighting.

Ceiling pendants are a popular choice for lighting architectural spaces, circulation areas or breakout spaces. Find out more about architectural suspended lighting here.


Linear suspended lighting.

Linear suspended lighting is a perfect choice for lighting workplace. Currently, on trend, the pendants are firmly putting their mark on the quality Cat A and Cat B specification. Find out more about linear suspended lighting here.


Whether it is industrial style pendant lights, LED linear profiles, suspended track lighting or trendy copper ceiling light fittings we can help you design a stunning scheme using cool ceiling lights.


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