Minimalist, functional and versatile are the key features of the WEY product family. Designed with attention to detail, the Wey can meet multiple lighting requirements across many commercial applications. Made from high-grade aluminium and thanks to its clean lines, it offers a contemporary design and a superb finish. Featuring low to high lumen packages from 750lm to 6000lm, narrow to wide beam angles from 15 ° to 60°, different colour finishes and accessories, the possibilities of using the Wey range are endless. High quality Bidgelux LED chips offer colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K and a 2-step MacAdam colour consistency.


The WEY SMALL features the smallest spot light with a 55mm diameter head. Small and tactile, the Wey Small is suitable for accent lighting. The WEY MEDIUM features the medium spot light with a 90mm diameter head. It is substantial enough to make a presence in workplace, making it an ideal luminaire for a contemporary office lighting or display lighting in museums and retail. The largest of the family, the WEY LARGE, features the large spot light with a 120mm diameter head. Bold and powerful, this contemporary architectural lighting is a perfect choice for retail and public spaces with high ceilings. The Wey Medium and Large are available with DALI dimming.  The whole range is fully adjustable to 355° and 90° tilt, giving the user a total flexibility of use.  


All spots can be equipped with light refining accessories- Sculpture lens, Honeycomb, and Colour ring.  





Light Source Information

  • Spotlight
  • Output: 6W 720Lm / 12W / 17.5W / 25W / 33W / 37W / 43W - 6000Lm
  • 50,00hrs, L80 B20
  • Available from 2700K / 3000K / 4000K
  • Standard 2 MacAdam Steps


  • Front Ring Finish (White/Black/Copper/Gold/Red)
  • Standard Body Finish (White/Black/Grey/Aluminium)
  • Available in specifically designed Colour Temp & CRI to enhance the following Kiosk (Bakery / Meat / Fish / Fruit / Retail)
  • Available Accessories to take control of the beam (Honeycomb/Sculpture Lens/ Front Ring)
  • IP20
  • Available CRI 80/90


  • Beam Angle: 15deg / 20deg / 36deg / 40deg/ 60deg (Only on some options)


  • Wey M & L - DALI DIM
  • Wey S Only available as On/Off or Phase DIM


  • 90 Tilt / 355deg Rotation
  • Standard Eutrac but also available on Global per request


  • Body finish cannot be custom colour due to plastic endcaps
  • Emergency not available
  • 2 years warranty

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