Childs+Sulzmann, 2016



Built in 1970s, Colston Tower has become an iconic landmark of Bristol’s city centre. Situated adjacent to the Colston Hall, Bristol’s largest concert hall, it boasts a prime location and great views of the city. The recent refurbishment embraced the design features of the tower transforming it to a desirable place to work.











Our team was approached by Child+Sulzmann architects in 2015 to deliver a creative lighting scheme for circulation areas. The brief was to create a contemporary social space serving the growing community of approximately 700 people working at the tower. Child+Sulzmann have worked on many prestigious projects in Bristol and 299 Lighting were excited to be working alongside their design team.

The architects came up with the concept of a creative grid/structure on the ceiling and our team engineered and designed the right product which would deliver comfortable lighting and match the project budget. The grid was built utilising the slim linear LED profile Lopen surface mounted. Thanks to its flexible nature, the Lopen delivers an efficient and creative lighting scheme for architectural spaces and modern circulation areas. The contemporary design brings a strong visual interest to the foyer of the Colston Tower, enhancing the modern vibe of the space.

LEDS-C4 vintage style decorative pendants “Vintage” from their range Grok are suspended above the seating area within the reception. The urban grey finish with accents of red compliments the vibrant style of the interior.

299 Lighting also supplied the LED box fittings ‘the Sign” that will provide decorative and directional lighting on each step leading to the mezzanine area.

The final stage of the refurbishment was completed earlier this year, delivering the tenants a vibrant reception area with meeting pods suitable for casual meetings and hot desking. The new foyer also links to the new cafes, bars and restaurants at the street level of the tower.

The Lopen Surface mounted was also supplied to the Cycle Hub delivering an efficient and reliable lighting scheme. The Lopen LED profiles are high efficiency fittings providing excellent light output with low power consumption.

299 Lighting are proud to have been part of the revival of this iconic building. The new lighting scheme is dynamic and decorative, reflective of modern co-working spaces of today. The lighting was supplied on time and to the satisfaction of the client, as per the testimony below.


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