Uxbridge Library, 2014

Uxbridge Library is a well-renowned library located in the borough of Hillingdon in London. It first opened in 1987, and has recently received a well-deserved makeover. The library’s impressive layout consists of six floors, complex staircases, and a large atrium.



The first floor has now a stylish café. Here we installed large architectural feature lighting that provide a custom coloured blue indirect light to highlight the introvert ceiling design. These fittings are also featured all the way up to the fourth floor including areas such as the IT suite and the surrounding children’s fiction area. The indirect lighting combined with the soft shape of the fitting really compliments the contouring of the ceiling.

We used a continuous suspended linear profile Leam to illuminate the public walkways including the stairs, circulation areas around the balcony and the areas surrounding the atrium.

We also used a slim trimless continuous profile Lopen which is slimmer than the Leam. 

The Lopen was featured above artefacts displayed in the Historical and Heritage Society room.

We decided on a neutral anodised finish for all the feature lighting so that they wouldn’t clash with the bright colours of the floors, furniture and walls etc. We believe that the shape of the fittings chosen really compliment the buildings architecture.

The new lighting was supplied in time, much to the satisfaction of the client.  



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