Our team delivered a full lighting design for a Cat A mixed use development within a stone's throw from the Westfield shopping center. Working closely with both the client and the architect, the result is a bold and contemporary office development flooded with daylight and fitted to a high standard. 


















The mixed use development of 14 residential units and around 10,000 sq ft of office space had first been completed in January 2015 by Native Land. The development was part of the provision of affordable homes supported by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The property company, Tri Capital Properties later acquired the development and started the refurbishment work bringing it to a higher standard.  Our team was approached by JM Architects, who worked on the refurbishment project alongside the main contractor. The whole project was managed by the client, who was heavily involved in the design process. The first kick off meetings started in October 2016 and lighting was delivered over several stages in the early months of 2017. 

The design brief was to create a contemporary office space with a clean cut look, appealing to future tenants and reaching the efficacy levels within LG7 at the same time.

The 299 TEAM provided the client with a full lighting design and calculation, ensuring that all correct light levels for LG7 were met. The full size product samples were handed to the client and architect for the sign-off.  The main challenge was to incorporate the new lighting with the existing air-condition cassettes. This was achieved by using suspended linear lighting with direct/-indirect light distribution.

The 6 offices are spread over 3 levels and taking up around 10.000 sq ft. The luminaire used in the main offices was the Lopen suspended in a contemporary matte black finish.

The outstanding performance and efficiency combined with a clean-cut look make the Lopen an ideal luminaire for general office lighting. Fitted with an opal diffuser, it enhances the interiors, creating clean lines of light. The standard 1430 mm length was used in this project, with 4000K for a neutral look. Some of the luminiares were also fitted with emergency units. 

For the staircase and half the landings, the slim wall luminaire Leck wall were designed in a repetitive style to create a strong visual impact. The black finish creates a striking contrast. The area was further enhanced by the ring-shaped suspended luminaires, Rydals in matte black finish. The 1m diameter Rydal is substantial enough to become a bold feature and put a stylish mark on any commercial interior. 

The surface mounted Sett was used in the circulation areas.

The new lighting was supplied over several stages to the satisfaction of the client. The final result is a modern and attractive scheme with a bold personality.



Project Images


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