Situated on the south side of the River Thames, next to Tower Bridge, the area of Shad Thames used to be the largest industrial warehouse complex in London during the Victorian times. The area went into decline in the 20th century. Due to cheap accommodation, many artists lived here in the 1970s. The regeneration of the Shad Thames started in the 1980's and 1990's when the disused warehouses started to be converted to expensive flats and restaurants. Today, Shad Thames is a vibrant area offering a high standard of work+live+play.

Three former industrial buildings: The Mill House, Dockyard and The Lantern, have been recently redeveloped by TSP into one workplace destination called Little London. Connected by a central courtyard, Little London forms a natural community that offers more than just a place to work. 


  [  ↑ Photos are courtesy of Peldon Rose  ]


Approached directly by TSP in September 2017, the client had an idea of the look and feel for the new lighting. They had done their research and chosen the luminaires they thought would best reflect their position in the market. The design objective for the overall look and feel was to create a blank canvas open plan office space which celebrated the raw and industrial feel of the building. 

We worked with the RCP created by designers at Peldon Rose and produced a layout with supporting lighting calculations to fit with the planned air-conditioning units. After an initial site meeting and the sample sign off, full lighting design and visuals were produced by our lighting design team.

The Mill House space boasts 3m high exposed ceilings, raw organic materials and plenty of daylight. The design brief for the lighting scheme was a contemporary design with industrial feel and compliance with CIBSE guidelines. The luminaire used for the general office lighting was the Oka Suspended.

The Oka sets new standards in office lighting. Designed with attention to detail, it will impress the purists with its clean lines, slim body and a minimalist suspension system. The diamond microprismatic diffuser distributes a low glare homogenous light. All office lighting was specified and supplied in a contemporary matte black finish. This highlights the black colour of the metal rafts and beams, while enhancing the industrial feel of the building. 



  [  ↑ Photos are courtesy of Peldon Rose  ] 


With the aim to bring the space back to a minimalist and industrial design, the stairwells were lit with architectural tubular luminaires Nile Surface. In the new reception area of the Mill House, inground slim linear profiles were installed in the concrete floor in a regular pattern. The design creates a level of excitement and a bold visual focus.

In the Italian Building, the tubular luminaires Nile Suspended were installed at an angle, and in clusters. The luminaires are crossing each other which creates a strong visual feature. The fittings were equipped with custom red cloth covered flex, adding a visual interest to the design and embracing the rich architectural character of the buildings.



  [  ↑ Photos are courtesy of Peldon Rose  ] 


Honesty and integrity were essential throughout the design and inspiration from the surrounding architecture and historic warehouse influences of the area. These elements can be seen in the simplicity of the organic materials, raw concrete details and high, exposed ceilings.

The lighting was supplied on time to the satisfaction of the client. The result is a creative and attractive 31,100 sq ft Cat-A space in keeping with the local area and emphasising the industrial heritage of Mill Street. 










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