Over the last decade, Cardiff’s city centre has been undergoing a remarkable transformation. Old tired buildings are being refurbished, new offices and retail developments are being built. The significant landscaping improvements over the last two years and the new shopping area is helping to build a new modern face of the capital, therefore increasing the visitor numbers. In light of the £150m interchange scheme, many dated office developments are looking to update their facilities in order to attract new quality tenants.


The defurbishment is used to describe office space that has undergone a transformation based on the exposure and enhancement of the building's existing features, rather than refurbishment, which tends to add features such as additional walls, partitioning and suspended ceilings.


Golate House occupies a prominent position on St Mary’s Street. It's only a 2-minute walk away from Cardiff Central station and only a stone's throw away from two major retail developments. 101 Golate House is in a perfect location to attract high-quality tenants.

This 5 storey office development has recently undergone a major defurbishment and our team has been playing a vital part of reviving this tired office building with a new contemporary look. Two floors have been stripped back to the basics, and as a result, a new modern Class A office space has been created. We worked alongside Evans Electrical, the electrical contractor on the project. 

Our team has proven to be a valuable support by supplying the electrical contractor with commercial lighting design and calculations, ensuring all lighting requirements meet the building regulations.


The brief was to create a space with character, exposed ceilings and a modern visual appeal to future tenants. The slim linear profile 'Lopen Suspended' was used as the main lighting in the scheme for the office space. 

The outstanding performance and efficiency combined with a clean-cut look make the Lopen an ideal luminaire for general office lighting. The suspended linear luminaire Lopen enhances contemporary interiors, creating clean lines of light. The standard 1122 mm length was used on this project, with 4000K colour temperature for a neutral look. Some of the luminaires were supplied as emergency fittings.

The new lighting was supplied to the 3rd and 4th floor and the results look stunning. The scheme goes above and beyond the client’s expectation. Please watch the video testimony below.



Photos and video by Birdy Films.



Jason Llewelyn, Evans Electrical

Project Manager

The client wanted a specific type of look for this project, and we know that 299 have that look available, and we asked them for a sample, so we could demonstrate that to our client, they provided that in a very quick fashion.

All the manufacturers are providing LED lighting, there is a different quality of LED and we look as an installer, for a manufacturer, who can meet higher standard at an affordable price. 299 have been able to do that and the quality assurance is worth investing in for us as an installer. when we deal with a company like 299, we deal with a lot of people we never get to meet, so we are dealing with people by email, by phone contact, and the service they provide could be very important.

In this particular project, we dealt a lot with Elman, who works at the office, very friendly, very professional, and provided the information that was required for the project.


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