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Architectural lighting.

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Lighting is a key part of the architectural vision.


More than ever, in contemporary architecture, lighting is a key part of the design and an intrinsic part of the building. As well as being functional, architectural lighting can be expressive, impressive, exciting and playful. It can add drama and energy, or create texture and mood. It can be interactive, or go unseen — but not unnoticed.

Enhancing the spatial experience.


However you approach it, the job of architectural lighting is to enhance the overall spatial experience. And with recent technological advances producing slimmer, sexier, more flexible products, there are so many exciting and inventive ways to create exactly the effect you desire.

Challenges such as, limited budgets, short timescales and product failure or installation issues can impact on the realisation of your vision — but with 299 they don’t have to.


Delivering your vision…
with vision.


The quality and reliability of our products and service are renowned. Flexible solutions and intelligent design that delivers your vision within budget; smooth functionality and connectivity; on-time delivery and ease of installation, are all part of our service. Whether you engage us at the design phase, or to provide something unique or off-the-shelf, we guarantee you peace of mind at every stage.


Lighting & productivity

Healthy, bright light during the day stimulates our minds, and sets our body clocks to create healthy sleep patterns. Bad lighting can be detrimental to health, and actually affect productivity…


A finely tuned team

Our in-house team is a perfect balance of creatives, technicians and project managers, allowing us to successfully deliver every element of your lighting project


Talk to us about how great lighting can help realise your vision.