Exemptions from Part L energy requirements.

There are exemptions to the energy efficiency requirements:

  • Places of worship plus adjoining spaces

  • Temporary buildings with a total planned time of use of two years or less

  •  Buildings with low energy demand which are industrial sites, workshops or non-residential agricultural buildings.

    There are further exemptions for listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. These types of buildings don’t have to fully comply with the new energy efficiency requirements, if by doing so it would alter the building’s character or appearance. 

    The requirements for Lighting and lighting controls are covered in Section 6, System specific guidance. This section presents minimum Building Regulations standards for fixed building services. The best practice is to achieve higher efficiencies than these minimum standards. There is further information on LENI calculation in Appendix B.

All our products are Part L compliant.

We make sure that all our products are achieving high figures when it comes to energy efficiency.  Take a look at our product range or book a consultation with our lighting engineers to guide you through the selection.