Eddy Recessed Emergency Light


The 3-hour emergency lighting operating at 700mA in emergency only is a popular choice for standalone recessed emergency light.

The 700mA non-maintained emergency driver is designed for constant current LED devices and is supplied complete with the latest LiFePO4 battery packs. The lithium phosphate batteries consume less power and last longer than traditional emergency lighting batteries. 

Designed as  Plug and Play, the Eddy offers strain relief on the cables making it easy to install and suitable for recessing into the ceiling void. As a complete emergency lighting solution, Eddy can  offer up to a 268 lumen output. Select between open area, corridor or flood optics and choose between a white and black bezel.  

Eddy is available as a Basic model or Dali emergency lighting. In terms of emergency lighting testing for the Basic model, the device will be tested via key switch.

In terms of emergency lighting testing for the DALI addressable model, the unit will revert to standalone self-test if not wired to a DALI operating system. 
This product is also available as a wireless control solution and is DALI 2 certified.

Light Source Information

· Recessed
· Non-maintained
· Basic model: 2.5W/266 Lm with open area lens, 268 Lm with corridor lens, 237 Lm with no lens LED
· DALI 2 model: 5W/ 268 Lm with open area lens, 266 Lm with corridor lens, 237 Lm with no lens LED


·Basic model: 150 mm x 30 mm x 28 mm
· DALI2 model: 162 mm x 33.5 mm x 21 mm
· Colour finish: Black, White
· Duration: 3 hours
· IP20

· Warranty: 4 years

299 Lighting reserve the right to change the specification of any product without notice or public announcement.

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