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Introducing the collection of RIBA approved CPDs written and delivered by the 299 team.

We are a fountain of knowledge.

The wait is finally over and we are launching the first two of our collection of RIBA approved CPD’s. Take a look and explore the available seminars!


Wireless Lighting Controls

In the age of portable technology, we are able to control buildings within a few clicks on the screen. The growing expectations on sustainability, flexibility and connectivity put a great demand on commercial lighting. This seminar looks at the benefits of using wireless control systems in the workplace.


Workplace Lighting Design

With the new guidelines and more “appearance driven” schemes, workplace lighting is calling for new technologies, better use of daylight and responsible use of energy. This seminar explores how to design good lighting schemes to suit the common types of commercial developments in the UK.


Emergency Lighting Design

Staying up to date with the legislation and understanding the responsibilities and standard requirements when designing a commercial scheme can be a complex business. This seminar covers how to design compliant lighting schemes using emergency lighting that is fit for purpose and also looks great.


To mark the 11 years anniversary of setting up the 299 business, we thought of bringing out something special. That something would require a great level of knowledge, hours of dedication and good teamwork.

Over the last few years, we have registered a growing interest in education, as many clients have been requesting CPD seminars covering technical aspects of commercial lighting. With the growing team and our continuously increasing standards of knowledge and technical understanding of lighting, we have been keen to showcase our capability and join the ranks of renowned lighting manufacturers and lighting consultants.

The story.

The project had started in the pre-covid world when the 299 team was firing at all cylinders. We carried on with the conversations during the first weeks of the lockdown and took a decision to persevere and bring the project to successful completion. Little did we know that we had months of meetings on Microsoft Teams ahead- interrupted by children asking for yet more marshmallows, dogs wanting some attention and the children coming back again, but this time covered in blue food colouring.


We worked hard and celebrated every little milestone along the way to keep the team spirit high. Once the documents were submitted and the champagne bottle was opened, all we had to do was to wait.

The wait is over.

The wait is over and we are now proudly adding a new logo to our webpage- the red RIBA crest, showing our affiliation with the Royal Institution of British Architects. 299 Lighting have reached another milestone and become a part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, offering RIBA-accredited CPD seminars and helping architects and construction professionals develop their skills and expand their knowledge on the subject of lighting.


So what’s in the box?

We are currently ready to present the first two of our CPD seminars. Covering the topics that are particularly close to our hearts, these are dedicated to Workplace Lighting Design and Wireless Lighting.

Both the seminars are an Introduction to the subjects and as such, they follow the same structure of demystifying the industry jargon and use some real-life examples based on our case studies. The seminars offer an immersion into a subject and are designed to give you a good knowledge of a particular subject.

Meet the presenter.

True to our philosophy of growing our own talent and getting things done in-house, the seminars were written by our Project Engineer and technical geek, Josh Bell. Josh has been working in lighting since he left the school and is particularly interested in wireless technology and future-proofing of design schemes. Equipped with solid knowledge based on his involvement in projects, Josh will be also presenting the CPDs, ready to answer any of your questions.


Where is my sandwich?

We are launching the CPD seminars in the uncertain ‘after covid’ times. With many returning back to work but a fair few still working from home or being furloughed, we are offering the CPD seminars as live online sessions, until further notice.

As we currently can’t bring a nice selection of sandwiches with us, we decided to treat everyone, who completes a CPD seminar with us to a graze box. You will receive a code on the completion of the session. You can then choose one of the 7 available options and enter the code in the checkout. It’s quick and easy. All there is left to do is wait for the box to arrive at your door.

Like what you see?

All CPDs can be booked through our RIBA cpd page or through the booking form here. We are currently working on a seminar covering Emergency lighting, so please register your interest, if this is a subject you would like to learn more about. If you have a suggestion for a seminar topic, please drop us a line. We love constructive feedback. 

Enjoy the learning! 

Ready to learn more?

Book your CPD with us today!

Ready to learn more?

Book your CPD with us today!