The office space landscape in Cardiff is experiencing a boom with new work spaces being developing left, right and centre. Newbuilds and refurbishments, these new offices are here to attract businesses. With the increasing level of fit out quality, there is plenty of fixtures to choose from. Often offering more character and generous spacing, listed commercial buildings should not be left out when it comes to revamping their interiors. The nature of the buildings may present designers with a few challenges, but with a bit of thought and good planning, listed commercial buildings can offer top quality office space.

When we were approached by the office manager at The Maltings with the design brief of creating an attractive LG7 compliant lighting scheme, our team jumped with joy as the vaulted ceilings and varied layout provides great ceiling structure for our luminaires to compliment.


Originally a Victorian malt house, this distinctive grade II listed property in Cardiff has recently undergone a £3m refurbishment resulting in becoming a yet another top end office development on Cardiff’s business landscape.

Approached directly by the client at the beginning of 2016, our team has designed and delivered modern office lighting for this interesting listed building.

The Maltings currently house 95 offices, a mixture of serviced and self managed offices, ranging from 2 person office to 300 sq. foot offices. The wide range of space size will attract a broad range of commercial tenants. With this in mind, the design brief was to present a high quality office lighting appealing to a wide spectrum of businesses. The client’s objective was efficiency and attractive design.

The nature of the building presented the design team with few challenges-the varied layout, vaulted ceilings and restricted ceiling height were calling for a professional advice. Our team provided the client with full lighting design and technical advice on how to achieve a LG7 compliant scheme. The selected light fittings were used in the whole range of mounting options and specified in white colour, with the aim of keeping the look timeless and clean.


 The slim linear profile Faseny with a unique shape diffuser was specified as the main office lighting. With the exceptional 104lm/W, Faseny is highly efficient,  ideal choice of office lighting for listed commercial buildings. The omnidirectional light distribution makes it a popular choice for design-led LG7 schemes. Several different lengths were used to accommodate the varied size of the offices at Maltings.

The suspended LED disk Talla was a perfect match for circulation areas and breakout spaces. All available sizes were used, corresponding the  space. The wall mounted version of Talla was used in stairwells and in the areas with restricted ceiling height. The square LED profile Teign was introduced into the scheme to add a visual interest into breakout spaces.

The project has been taking shape in several phases through the year. 299 have supplied the lighting for the 3rd and 4th floor of the building and are currently working on the lighting for the rest of the building.

The lighting has been supplied to the requested time schedule, much to the delight of the client. Our team proved to be a great support to the client, as per the testimony below.




Photos and video by Birdy Films. 





Gareth Oram, Office Manager

Originally we were introduced to 299 Lighting from a contractor we used, because we were having problems with a larger multinational supplier. To be honest, we were not getting the personal service we required. 

With 299 from the start, it’s been hassle free, and they delivered on what they promised.

From the design, to chosen samples, nothing has been a problem, we always had a sample within next couple of days.

We sat down with 299 and we finalised the brief, one of the main things we wanted was a modern light fitting, white, preferably, with LED

All light fittings are definitely a feature and they make a statement. When you walk into the office, it is the first thing you see and we want it to make a lasting impression.






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