Recessed lighting

Invisible lines of light

Polar opposite to the flexible nature of suspended or surface mounted lighting, recessed lighting is a solution that requires thought. The precise position and layout of recessed lighting schemes is a result of careful planning and a thorough design process, therefore it is most suitable for a new build, fit out or a complete refurbishment project.

Putting the proverbial cherry on top in contemporary architectural spaces by becoming parts of architecture, trimless fittings can create invisible lines of light and seamlessly blend into crispy plastered ceilings or wooden slat walls. Regular or irregular patterns, identical or varied lengths, the choice is yours. Just make sure your installer doesn't cut any corners, as a high-quality installation could be the difference between an amazing jaw dropping scheme or a mediocre botch job.

If you wish to bring a bit of colour to the scheme, using trim recessed lighting can be an option. Subtle or bold, the final result reflects on the width of the frame. Standard aluminium, white or black finishes will create a contrast, but a custom RAL finish will make the project truly unique.

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We have worked on some stunning recessed trimless lighting schemes. The clean design of the offices and reception area at Focus Point in London is an example of a top quality fit out. Slim linear recessed luminaires with irregular patterns dominate the design of the reception area of Strata Staines. A continuous pattern of linear profiles was installed in the circulation areas of 740 Aztec West in Bristol.

A semi-recessed lighting scheme can be an alternative creative way of achieving visually interesting results. Emitting soft light, the opal diffuser on the linear profile raising above the ceiling or surfaces creates striking visual interest.

With the use of corner pieces, a bespoke solution of pretty much any angle could be created. A combination of lit and unlit sections can also spice up your design. Recessed lighting is here and waiting to be explored.