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299 Lighting have successfully created inspiring office interior lighting designs and supplied innovative LED products to suit a wide variety of workspaces. Whilst not only providing aesthetically-pleasing luminaires, 299 are experienced in providing a glare-free, healthy working environment that enhances the well-being of users in the workplace.  





1#  Well-being in the workplace


Lighting has a significant effect on the human body and has been proven to enhance productivity in the workplace. Often overlooked by employers internationally, poor lighting can make employees feel both uncomfortable and demotivated. With productivity gains to be made from better quality lighting, combined with substantial energy savings, it’s not difficult to see how lighting can have an impact. The 299 product range specialises in supplying products with low-glare optics, dimming capabilities, tuneable colour temperatures as well as direct and indirect distributions to enhance the users well-being.


2#  Brand Identity


Not only does the lighting provide a functional aspect, but the identity of the brand of the organisation is also of importance. Lighting is an important element when it comes to representing the look of the brand, whether it wishes to express a contemporary, clean appearance or a more rustic, vintage feel. 299 Lighting have been detrimental in understanding the brand values and specifying exactly the right product to suit.


3#  Energy Consumption


Energy efficiency has never been more important in an office, not just to reduce the overhead costs but to promote an environmentally friendly mission statement.

299 Lighting are proud to include some of the most efficient lighting products on the market, making use of the latest LED technology available. Having expertise in designing schemes for BREEAM approved buildings as well as considering ECA compliance, 299 can assist in achieving these benefits.



4#  Get in Touch


The projects shown are an example of successfully delivered lighting schemes that 299 Lighting have been involved with from concept to completion. We would love to look into helping you with lighting your office, providing expert advice to get something just what you’re looking for. If you wish to find out more give us a call on 02037737530 or send us on info@299lighting.co.uk








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