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This seminar is written and presented in an engaging and interactive way, helping to break down the complexity around wireless controls in commercial lighting and reinforce the importance of well-designed lighting schemes.

By the end of the seminar, you will have a good understanding of:

  • The impact lighting controls can have on a project, both performance and aesthetics

  • How to specify the requirements of the lighting control system for a project

  • The range of solutions on the market and the advantages each system offer





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Our CPD Reviews:

Wireless lighting system

“I’ve just attended the webinar about Wireless Lighting Control and it was great. Josh was really clear and interesting. It’s a really good webinar to understand the basics of lighting control, I totally recommend it. Looking forward to the next one.”


Wireless lighting control

“I attended a webinar CPD about Wireless Lighting Control. Josh managed to explain everything in an excellent and very professional way, I found it very helpful and informative. Looking forward to the next one!”


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